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Our Annual Day of the Dead celebration Saturday, Nov. 1, 2014

at Kalpulli Chaplin

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We have begun the monumental task of transferring 22 years of video documentary of Tlakaelel's talks, ceremonies, travels, etc. if you would like to help review videos for content, etc, please let us know.

here is a nice clip I found.

short 17 minute video of Tlakaelel on his near death experiences

you may also watch it on youtube;




BERT'S SCHEDULE 2015   just beginning to fill in..... more to come...


January 26 to Feb 6 (approx); Wisdom Gathering, Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand  https://www.facebook.com/events/646417485479266/

may to June Blue Star Sundance West Point (Austin area) Texas

June possible Netherlands and Estonia

July 27-Ausust 1 Tonal Mitotianilitzli Sun Dance Mexico

aug 4-9 Moon Dance Maine  possible

August 25-30 Schweibenalp, Brienz, Switzerland

Aug 31-sept. 4?? other places in Switzerland ??

Atole, the spiritual food of mexico

follow this lind to recipies i have found





hello friends, at his request, for some time now, I have been giving a talk on Tlakaelel's passing. Many people have been touched by the story with pictures of his voyage from this world of the flesh to the great unknown (unknown to us at least). many have asked me to do a film or book on his last day, so I have finally started. This may turn out to be a video as well as a book, and more on this website. I just have to keep plugging awayat it. Here is the introduction, which gives a bit on why I am doing this.Thank you for your interest.

tlakaelel with necklace

A perfect day to Die
The Grandfather's last day

For years, I knew this day would come, but I did not expect it this time. This is a story that goes back a very long time - at least 712 years, but I will tell just the recent part. I am going to tell you about the death -passing to the other side, passing over, transitioning, transforming, returning to the Creator, reintegrating with the All, etc.- of a quite remarkable man known as Tlakaelel. There is so much to tell, that it could take many books, but I will mostly focus on his last days and the lessons this time brought me, and perhaps can bring you as well.
Why would I write so much about a death? What relevance does this have for you, or for our society? Is it not just a personal story? "Why did Tlakaelel insist on my recording his words the last day, and insist that I take many pictures? He wanted to make an example of a different way to die, and a different way to see death, not as something that should not happen, but as a natural passing, a natural leaving this world for the next one.

more information is on the pdf click here

Audio recording of Berts 2013 talk on Tlakaelel's last day at the ZU center in Lewes England.


upcoming activities at Kalpulli Chaplin

We share monthly Temazkal sweat ceremonies. to be put on our email list, please contact us at info@kalpullichaplin.com.

we hope to plan our annual Peace and Dignity Camp in Chaplin, but have not set the date yet.

our annual Tonal Mitotianilitzli Dance ceremony will be held as usual in teotihuacan, Mexico July 27 to aug. 1, 2015. Please let us know if you are thinking of attending and for more info at info@kalpullichaplin.com

Bert Gunn will traveling to Europe again this summer, giving talks on Tlakaelel's teachings and his passing, and possibly other ceremonies.

June: possibly Netherlands, Estonia, and Finland

August/ September: Switzerland and possibly UK


lots of items. make an offer. half goes to support kalpulli chaplin




7:57 PM, JULY 26, 2012

We are sad for ourselves, losing such a dear friend and teacher and inspiration, but happy for him, finally free of the struggles of the body

For more information, see bert's 3 emails. pictures coming soon

first email sent from Teotihuacan

second email sent from texcoco

third email sent from home




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Tlakaelel's bio sheet 

Tlakaelel on 2012: We are living enormous changes. We are suffering grand catastrophes, we are seeing the painful birth of a new epoch. For the year 2012, we see a special position of planets in our solar system. They say that in at this time, the Mayan calendar will end. The world will not end. This era will end. There will be a change. This will present a possibility for us to understand that all the beings on this planet are our brothers because the same father created us - the great spirit. The butterflies, the plants and all that exists, all the elements. We are all one thing. We all are Cosmos. We are the universe. All who are born here, all the human beings, we are terrestrials. We are born on this planet. This planet is our homeland. It is our home. What happens in any part of our planet at any time strongly affects us all. Precisely now, the changes are coming, and we know that the butterflies keep flying. It does not matter if the climate is changing. It is not important. Whatever happens, happens. It is an example for the human beings that we can come together. We can act as the animals do by their instincts according to the destiny that great spirit has given us all. I give thanks for this opportunity to communicate this message of universality. We are all universal beings. We are connected. We are butterflies, all human beings.
Thank you very much.
Ome Teotl


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A talk by Tlakaelel on Love





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