Bert's previous schedules;

Berts schedule from 2017


22-26 Dance to heal the Earth, Constantia, Capetown, South Africa
27-29 private consultation/ healing sessions
29 march Wednesday 7-9 pm Sacred Pipe Ceremony , Capetown, South Africa by donation
contact Gerri Stevenson Stevenson 0824968713
30 march private sessions, prepare for teachings
31-2 April Mens workshop at Sacred Ibis, Hout Bay,


4 April healing circle in Grou contact; Yvonne de Booij +31 0566785037home, +31 0625 066 049
7 April 19.00. To 21.30 sacred pipe ceremony at Simone and Jack’s Location: Lycklamaweg 48 in brugge, Wolvega
info: Tel.: 0625191683
8 April Sacred Pipe Ceremony in Wouwsa Plantage arrive 7 pm, ceremony at 7:30. Contact: Annetty: Phonenumber: 0165-326162 or 0613731040

9 April Temazkal at; De Kleine Boerderij Achterdijk 100, Sint Hubert 0625036782
10 April sacred pipe ceremony in Grou contact; Yvonne de Booij +31 0566785037home, +31 0625 066 049


may 18-21 eighth fire gathering in Gardner, MASS.
may 28 to -June 5 Blue star Sundance, West Point, Texas at Thunder Ranch
June 9-11 Dance to heal the Earth, Sacred Grove Retreat, gold hill NC Or or;
June 21-24 unity dance colchester ct


July 3 6:10 pm fly to amsterdam
July 8-9 2 day healing weekend with yoga, meditation, ceremony, constellation work, and group sharing with Bert, Yvonne and Mathijs and Celine at Pacha mama centrum in Lekkum
14-23 July, Beuerhof center in Uxheim, Germany ; vision quest and Dance to Heal the Earth
17-18July Vision Quest, guided by Grandmother Robin Youngblood and Grandfather Bert Gunn
July 20-23 Dance to Heal the Earth in Uxheim, Germany  details:
Bert leaves sat. nite to amsterdam, flies home Sunday

23 closing morning Sunday


24 fly to mexico

July 24-28 Tonal Mitotianilitzli Sun Dance Ceremony Teotihuacan, Mexico
August 2-6 Moon Dance, Maine


August 23-27 Unipeace Schweibenalp, Switzerland

16-17 September Healing weekend with Yvonne de Booij at Centrum Pacha Mama in Lekkum

19-23 September varoius activities at Lilleoru.

For more information contact us at info@Kalpulli Chaplin, facebook Bert Gunn,
or call 860-455-9203., bert gunn on Facebook
Kalpulli Chaplin, 18 Bedlam Rd. Chaplin, CT. 06235


2016 schedule:
1) SATURDAY 11/12, at 7PM - a group get together to talk with Bert Gunn, to share ideas and opinions regarding a variety of questions and problems. young ones and Teen-agers are welcome in this group. We are going to listen to Bert explaining about many subjects, then we can ask questions and we can go into subjects that are important to our lives right now. It is very low key and gentle, an opportunity to gather our breath and hearts around the tasks that us, light workers, have ahead of us in this tormented era in this country and the world at large. Venue: CLARICE'S HOME!  516 Mayfair rd, Virginia Beach, Va 23452  208-272-1634.

2) SUNDAY 11/13 - FOUR COLORS CEREMONY, 5PM to &PM, CLARICE'S HOME. 16 Mayfair  rd , Virginia Beach, Va 23452. (We might have a sacred pipe ceremony afterwards).  208-272-1634.


4) TUESDAY 11/15 - NIBI WABO, WATER BLESSING AND HEALING, - 5PM on, BE ESSERT'S PLACE. Address: 831 Lawrence Drive, Chesapeake, Va 23325

Holland December 14-27;

16 December; Sacred Pipe ceremony at Maarten and Arjanne Oversier's in Roden (near Groningen).“Stille Wille”
Hullenweg 18  9301 ZD Roden (DR) T: (050) 501 31 21 E:

18 December, a Universal Love Healing Sunday (see description of the last one below) 2-5 pm on the Burd, an island near Grou, Northern Holland . Ceremony at Bennema-State ; de Burd 13 (eiland bij Grou) contact; Dolphin Sunrise, suggested donation;   €25,- (+ €3,20 for the ferry) contact Yvonne for, of tel.0625066049


an evening of Universal Love Healing Sunday, October 16 and our annual Day of the Dead celebration Saturday, October 29.

Welcome to a night of Peace and Universal Love Healing
with Yvonne de Booij and Bert Gunn

yvonne with flutebert conch

Sunday evening, October 16, 2016 7-9 pm. At Kalpulli Chaplin
This will be a night of healing sound, music, guided meditation and healing touch by Yvonne and Bert. We will create an atmosphere of peace and relaxation that promotes the healing that resides within each of us. "an opening of the heart, so we can live as we are meant to be".

This evening will be by donation. Please let us know if you will be coming.

Yvonne-Kiowa de Booij is a yoga teacher, musician (harp, voice and flute) and healer from Grou, Netherlands, and has been offering healing work for years. Bert Gunn has been a ceremony leader for over 20 years. Both have been working together for a short time but have received rave reviews from their work in Holland. Both are known for their healing hands and hearts.

bert and Yvonne will also be available together by appointment for individual healing sessions during her visit here.

For more information contact us at info@Kalpulli Chaplin, facebook Bert Gunn,
or call 860-455-9203.,
Kalpulli Chaplin, 18 Bedlam Rd. Chaplin, CT. 06235

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Saturday October 29, 2016 at Kalpulli Chaplin 18 Bedlam Rd, Chaplin, CT,

day of dead altar
Feast 6 pm, ceremony 7:30 pm

We will share a pot luck feast at about 6:00 pm. At about 7:30 pm, we will share the Day of the Dead Ceremony, where those who wish will light a small candle commemorating the life of someone close to us who has passed on to the other side before us. It is a beautiful and gentle ceremony, a healing alternative to the scary image of Halloween. Feel free to bring the traditional cookies or candies in the shape of skulls or skeletons. If you wish, bring some marigolds or other yellow flowers and pictures of loved ones who have passed on for our altar. This is one way of reminding ourselves that death is just a normal part of life. It is as normal to die as to be born. As Tlakaelel often said (I think quoting a famous author) "When we are afraid of death, we die many times, but when we are not afraid, we die only once." This is a good time to remember our ancestors. Death is merely a transition to another place, another world. Although we may be very sad to see someone go from our lives, we can celebrate their being, and look forward to seeing them again on the other side. As Tlakaelel reminded us, death does not exist, everything is just transformed.

Every year we make an Ofrenda or altar with pictures, mementos, yellow flowers (preferably Marigolds), offerings of foods, etc. You may have seen the remains of last year’s up in the loft. Please feel free to bring your offerings too. During part of our ceremony, we burn small thin Birthday candles in remembrance of those who have passed on. (We have plenty here now). We have a lot to remember this year, Please bring the small ones, as larger ones make a lot more smoke. The small round votive candles burn too long and make it hard to place enough in the sand where we burn the candles. Children are most welcome. PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO COME.

There are a lot of websites with more information on the traditional celebrations, such as or

For those interested, we will also light the Sacred fire for our Temazkal sweat lodge at 12 noon and enter the lodge as soon as the stones are hot. Please contact us if you are interested in the Temazkal and have not been to our lodge before.

6 pm, we will share our pot luck Feast of the Dead

7:30 pm: we begin our Ceremony. ,

For more information contact us at info@Kalpulli Chaplin, facebook Bert Gunn,
or call 860-455-9203.,
Kalpulli Chaplin, 18 Bedlam Rd. Chaplin, CT. 06235




BERT'S SCHEDULE SUMMER 2016, Switzerland, Holland, Mexico, Illinois later, and more....

July 5 fly to Switzerland
July 8 evening talk and Pipe Ceremony in Bern 6 pm. at practice of Marianne Ruoff. Details here
July 10 sweat lodge France
July 12 or 13 fly to Netherlands
July 15 20.00 tot 22.00 evening Four Colors Ceremony at Bennema-State ; de Burd 13 (eiland bij Grou) contact; Dolphin Sunrise, suggested donation;   €20,- (+ €3,20 for the ferry)Yvonne via, of tel.0625066049

July 17 Sunday lodge at Maarten and Arjanne Oversier's in Roden (near Groningen).“Stille Wille”
Hullenweg 18  9301 ZD Roden (DR) T: (050) 501 31 21 E:

July 18 Four Colors Ceremony at 7:30 pm to 10 pm Landgoed De Denneboom. Gestelseweg 14, Schijndel. here are details;

July 22-24 Dance t heal the Earth, Wouwse Plantage, Noord Brabant Holland
July 24 fly home for one day!
July 26, fly to Mexico for Tonal Mitotianiliztli SundanceTeotihuacan
July 25-30 Tonal Mitotianiliztli Teotihuacan,
((There is still some open dates in Switzerland and Netherlands, so contact me if you wish to organize something))

contact Bert at; or; 860-455-9203, or bert gunn on facebook
18 Bedlam Rd Chaplin, CT06235 USA

aug 11-22 activities in Nauvoo, Il
aug 11-14 Honoring the Ancestors of the Americas conference NauvooIllinois
aug 18-19 Wisdom Gathering, Nauvoo Illinois
aug 20-21 Dance to heal the Earth, Nauvoo Illinois

later September, October; Virginia Beach, Estonia, maybe more time in holland or switzerland? but not scheduled yet -Portugal, Possible UK

Bio of Bert Gunn ; the short version:

KALPULLI CHAPLIN Inc. a (501) C (3) non profit corporation

Bert Gunn, TECUTLI, 18 Bedlam Rd. Chaplin, CT 06235 USA 860-455-9203 tel Email

Bert Gunn, is a clinical social worker and handyman who assisted, traveled with, organized for, and interpreted for Tlakaelel, the Tolteka-Mexica Elder from Teotihuacan, Mexico for 22 years until his passage to the other side in July of 2012.. Bert is a board member of the World Council Wisdom Gatherings, and the Church of the Earth.
Bert has been trained and authorized by Tlakaelel and other Elders to conduct various traditional ceremonies and teachings. Among other ceremonies, has been assisting in and conducting the Four Colors Ceremony for 20 years around the world, the annual Tonal Mitotianilitzli dance ceremony in Mexico and conducts the the Sacred Pipe Ceremony and the Temazkal sweat ceremony. He is also available for individual consultation/ healing sessions when asked..
“I try to offer a down to earth re-connection to our selves and our spiritual connection to the universe through sharing, ceremony, and seeing ourselves as an integral part of the all creation. This universal love is the greatest healing element in our universe. My work is more universal than tied to one specific tradition, tho I primarily practice the ceremonies and indigenous traditions of the Americas. “

for the long version, click here;


mom pixgirl with flowers
Ruth Davega Gunn, 97 passed gradually and peacefully away Saturday, September 26th She was a local artist, a world traveler and a long time resident of Windham and Storrs, most recently residing at Douglas Manor in Windham for the last year. She was loved by many. A celebration of her life will be held oct. 10 in the Four Seasons room at Juniper Hill village, Silo rd, Storrs. She leaves 3 sons, Michael Bolton, David Becker, and Bert Gunn. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Compassion and Choices or the charity of your choice.