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hi friends, Thank you for your interest in Tlakaelel’s wisdom and materials.

Materials available:

 NAHUI MITL , Tlakaelel’s book translated into English. It is 8 ½ by 11 inches, 159 pages and spiral bound with color laminated covers. The price is $22. Postpaid to USA, media mail.

            NAHUI MITL, THE JOURNEY OF THE FOUR ARROWS, is the exciting and deeply touching story of Tlakaelel's indigenous upbringing, his life and mission, and the history of his people. It also includes much traditional Toltec wisdom and tradition. This book can be read many times and new insights received each time.

We also have a few Cd’s;

Audio CD’s;

            Destiny and Collective Human Consciousness, a talk recorded in Wales, September 2008, about 45 minutes $11. Postpaid

            Peace and the Future of Humanity, a talk recorded at the Out of the Ordinary festival in England, September of 2008 about 45 minutes. $11. Postpaid

MP3 CD’s of whole 3 day workshops. These Cd’s are unedited recordings of sessions over the Spring Intensive workshops in recent years. Each one has between 10 and 12 hours of quality stereo digital recordings in MP3 format. They can be played on almost any computer and some of the newer Cd players, as well as downloaded onto your MP3 player such as an IPOD to take along with you, just like a music recording. They are expensive because they are the full recordings of entire workshops, not just a single talk. As youmay know, Tlakaelel talks on a wide range of themes in each talk and the workshops have a huge amount of material. There may be some repetition of certain themes, but always presented with a different slant and also many new themes each workshop. Each CD sells for $44. Postpaid to USA

            Toltec Symbols, the Workshop held Spring 2006

            Spring intensive 2007

            Spring intensive 2008

            Spring intensive 2009

note; materials priced postpaid to USA only. Foreign shipping can be much more. Please contact us for more details. Please know also that Tlakaelel receives approximately half of all proceeds (not just half of the profit) to support his work in Mexico. The rest goes to production of the materials. There is no profit made on these teachings. At this point, we only accept checks and money orders. We are working on a Charge card system and online ordering thru Paypal, but not available yet. Nahui Mitl is available thru Amazon, but costs more and we receive less from each sale. best to order by check if you can.


materials can be ordered by sending a check to

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