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 TLAKAELEL    July 27, 2005
Tolteca-Chichimeka Elder, teacher, heir and guardian of the oral tradition (or true history), author, and spiritual guide.


 ......Hueyi Teo Tekuhtli Tlamakazkeh Ketzalkoatl (Supreme Director) of IN KALTONAL, Spiritual Institution for the cosmic man ( Native Mexican “Church”), the first indigenous spiritual organization to be recognized by the government of Mexico in over 500 years.


.......Promotor of the Movimiento Autoctonista de America (indigenous movement of the Americas)


.......Co- founder of Movimiento Confederado Restaurador de la Cultura de Anahuak (confederation for the Restoration of the Culture of Anahuak)


.......Founding member of the Circle of United Traditions of the World, based in Karma Ling Institute, Arvillard France, an affiliation of many indigenous spiritual traditions worldwide.


......Founder and former director of Kalpulli Koakalko, Coacalco, Mexico, an indigenous cultural institute with many affiliates in Mexico, Europe, and the US. Kalpulli Koakalko researches and teaches history, agriculture, natural medicine, language, mathematics, astronomy, dance, and song.


......Author of Nahui Mitl, a book containing many teachings, history, etc. in Spanish, and now translated into English, as well as many articles and booklets.


......Founder and director of Tekpan and Kalmekatl Tonantzin (new Pyramid and Center of Learning, or Indigenous University, now under construction in Teotihuacan, Mexico).


****Tlakaelel was recently named Grandfather of the Grandfathers in the hall of deputies in Mexico City by an indigenous council****



            Tlakaelel has addressed audiences at M.I.T., Harvard University, The Universities of Connecticut, Texas, Illinois, Colorado, Maine, and others, Temple University, Virginia Commonwealth University, Connecticut College, Omega Institute, National Autonomous University of Mexico, University of Bern, Switzerland, the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain, and many other places.  


            He has also given talks and led workshops at many centers, kalpultin, churches, reservations, bookstores, schools, television and radio programs, etc. in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Fiji, England, Wales, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, Holland, and other nations.


            He has spent over 50 years studying the great ancestral cultures of the continent, sharing his knowledge with indigenous and non-indigenous people alike.


            Tlakaelel, along with Slow Turtle, Wildcat, Big Toe, and Chief Windsong developed the Four Colors Ceremony (an inspiring and unifying ceremony which honors the four directions and the four colors of humanity). The Four Colors Ceremony was first conducted in 1990 at Watuppa, the Wampanoag reservation in Freetown, Mass. during the Peace camp held there, and Tlakaelel has since brought the ceremony to many parts of the U.S. and Canada, and around the world.


            He was the inspiration for the Journeys of Peace and Dignity, 1992, a 15,000 mile relay run throughout the Americas, and coordinated the Mexican portion of the run. The Message of the Peace and Dignity Journeys was to bring together people of all backgrounds, nations, and colors, recognizing ourselves as all indigenous to Planet Earth, and to conserve and protect our Mother Earth and cooperate as people so that our children may survive and grow into a world of peace.


            After the end of the Peace and Dignity Journeys, Tlakaelel began preparation for the building of the Tekpan De La Paz, the Pyramid of Peace, near the ancient pyramids of Teotihuacan, Mexico. With the invasion of the Europeans 500 years ago, the advancement and evolution of the Mexica people was suspended, but the work of the ancestors has now been resumed, and work has begun on the first pyramid constructed by indigenous peoples since the invasion. All are invited to participate in the building of the pyramid and the associated Kalmekatl, or Indigenous University.


            In 1947, Tlakaelel took on the mission of exploring and corroborating the history of the Confederation of Anahuak, and the Four Arrows Migration (the great cultural migration from Mexico throughout North America). He has found evidence of this migration in many parts of the US, including Chaco Canyon, the Susquehanna River Petroglyphs, the many mounds in Ohio, Illinois, and other states, and evidence in the language of many native peoples.


            Tlakaelel has been the inspiration for the founding of many Kalpultin (Kalpullis) in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. These Kalpultin have served to bring hundreds of people of all colors and backgrounds together for learning, fellowship, ceremony, and community.


            In April of 1997, Tlakaelel, along with the His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, was an important part of the Inter Traditions Assembly held in Arvillard, France. This Assembly was attended by 7500 people, and has been filmed for worldwide distribution. Tlakaelel was instrumental in the founding of the Circle of United Traditions, which is now based at the Karma Ling Institute in Arvillard, France.


            Tlakaelel now lives in Teotihuacan, Mexico has been traveling and teaching in the United States and other countries for over 20 years. He is knowledgeable of and speaks on a vast array of topics including the Four Arrows Migration, the cultural history of the People of the Americas including the changes brought about with the European contact, coming earth changes, the four suns (12,000 year cataclysmic cycles of human evolution), the Red Road (the indigenous minded philosophy and way of life), health and healing, personal growth, various spiritual matters, and many other topics. He is a great inspiration to children, youth, and adults of all backgrounds, and brings a message of peace, cooperation, and unity of all peoples. He also conducts a variety of ceremonies in certain situations, and at times, when possible offers individual consultations.







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